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May 10, 2013
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[MnG] Aaron Christopher Hunter by reincarnationz [MnG] Aaron Christopher Hunter by reincarnationz
Shirtless boys everywhere. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
How was I supposed to look away and not attempt to try out this group-- *shot to death*

★ Basics:
Name: Hunter, Aaron Christopher
Age: 19
Height: 6’2” (188 cm)
Weight: 159 lbs (72 kg)
Ethnicity: Scottish
POB: San Francisco, California, America
DOB: February 18th
Year: Senior
Level: Expert
★ Personality:
Manipulative. Sociopathic. Yandere.
Aaron is very kind, helpful, charming and selfless. Of course, that is all just a facade since he has an ingrown habit of acting nice to the general population. He is actually a very manipulative person and only treats people kindly if he wants to gain something or to just create a good image of himself. Thus, he actually has a small case of sociopathic behaviours or antisocial personality disorder; he has little empathy for the people he uses and doesn’t mind tossing them aside once his need for them no longer exists. In addition, he has little knowledge of how genuine feelings work despite the capacity of acting it out (such as the honest acts of his nice personality), feels little guilt for what he does and over-rationalises his behaviour. So if you ever get to know Aaron to a personal level, one can realize how nasty his personality can get. He enjoys talking smack about people behind their backs and often insults everyone and anyone if he is by himself or with a ‘close friend’. Aaron is also sadistic in a way in which he enjoys watching people suffer, whether it was he who inflicted it or not (such as ignoring you when you have a leg cramp, or patting you on the back really roughly and falsely apologizing). Thus, you shouldn’t ask him to practice with you despite his facade or he’ll become a Spartan coach...
Hardworking. Prideful. Introvert.
Despite his personality flaw, Aaron is actually very hardworking. He has only advanced as far as he has with his swimming dreams because he had put in many hours of sweat, cramps, asthma attacks and frustrated tears. Yet, he doesn’t like to let people know because he finds it troublesome to pretend to be modest when he knows his own trained skills are genuine. He is very serious about swimming and doesn’t like people who are naturally gifted. This also brings up the fact that he is actually an introvert and reenergizes when he is by himself or with a ‘friend’ or two in a quiet environment. The only reason he goes against his introverted nature is to pretend to be a very socializing character and when he has no choice, such as a swimming event.
Possessive. Childish. Ignorant.
He is proficient with his academics, but his real behaviour and knowledge on how to obtain and keep friends is very childish and elementary; Aaron had few to no real friends growing up. Therefore, he becomes super possessive of people he lets into his small world. He is the type to shower you with gifts opposed to compliments if he feels a sense of drift, insult the ‘third wheel’ to push the intruder away and may stubbornly become clingy of his friend while giving everyone an innocent smile despite his aura of death surrounding him. Aaron is also quite bad with directions in a new environment if he doesn't have an aid on him.
★ Likes and Dislikes:
+ Quiet and calm environments such as swimming practices at dawn, the shower, the library, etc
+ Improving his swim time and feeling physically well during practices because of it
+ When he is allowed to be sadistic in an open environment without being questioned (such as his Spartan lessons)
+ Has a secret obsession of the Japanese culture; from feudal era history, traditional activities like the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Geisha practices and Kabuki theatre to Japanese pop culture such as Anime, manga, JPop, JRock and etc
+ Quick and easy meals (Soup-in-a-bottle, energy bars, fruit cups, etc)
x Unwanted attention; fan girls and fan boys
x His asthma acting up and for people to witness it or know of it
x Fake people (oh the irony) because he feels threatened by them
x The increase number of freckles when he’s in the sun and how he gets sunburnt easily
x A strong childish dislike of purple and orange foods such as eggplants, taro BBT, carrots, tangerines, cheddar cheese, etc
★ History:
His childhood and up-bringing.
Aaron didn’t particularly have a ‘normal’ childhood, but it wasn’t anything dramatic either. He was an only child of two middle-class parents and was born and raised in San Francisco, California. They were both loving and kind, but his parents began to drift apart. It wasn’t that they were having an affair or anything, but the spark that held them together was starting to disintegrate. After several more years of the awkward relationship his parents decided to have a mutual divorce. Aaron stayed with his mother so he wouldn’t have to change schools or a home, but often visited his father in the neighbouring city. However, till this day, he doesn’t think much about the divorce because of his sociopathic behaviour; it was rational conclusion to him that if two people don’t like each other than they shouldn’t be together.
How his sociopathic behaviour/antisocial personality disorder developed.
He was actually always quite a bit awkward, even as a child. He never understood things such as making friends or the reason why he should be nice to others. He didn’t feel guilt, empathy or normal human emotions so to say. His parents began being concerned for him so they brought him to a psychiatrist (with the guise that she was a babysitter to not scare him into thinking he had a problem). By the time he was nine though, he discovered what the visits were really about when he overheard a conversation about it. So he forcefully made a friend named Sawa at school and stuck by him ever since then to prove to his parents that he is perfectly normal and to not have them pester him about it. This is also one of the reasons why he often pretends to be a kind and helpful person despite his core personality.
How he became interested in swimming.
Aaron was always interested in sports such as basketball and baseball, but teamwork began to be such a pain to him. So he began trying out solo sports such as tennis. He eventually discovered he had asthma though, as well as very little endurance and stamina. However, he didn’t want those things being an excuse for him to not play a sport since it was the one thing he had to make him not think about how annoying people are or his disorder; it’s his escape from the world. Aaron eventually tried out swimming. He wasn’t fond of it at all at first because he had to share the limited public space with strangers and that he actually sucked at swimming... But he soon developed a habit of going to the pool very early in the morning for the exercise and to practice. Whether he really enjoys and loves the sport is questionable, but he is very serious about it. It does make him content though that it is a sport where the main focus is the self (opposed to team play), doesn’t require excess amount of endurance or stamina, and it is a show of technique (especially since his main stoke is the butterfly stroke). Again, he uses swimming as an escape and trains himself really hard to try to forget about everything else.
Decision to enroll to Mizu no Gakuen.
Despite Aaron thinking it is tedious to move to a new country and try to make new friends and people to like him, he decided to enroll to Mizu no Gakuen anyway to further his training with his techniques and to overcome his physical setbacks. Moreover, the school is prestigious with people who only focus on swimming enrolling there. If he had to put up with people, he rather it be people who are also interested in the same sport he is in to make it just a bit more tolerable. He had only told his parents and his best friend that he was leaving America since he didn’t care about anyone else knowing nor wanted to annoyance of them all greeting them off. So with his parent’s best wishes and luck, they had sent Aaron off. Of course though, he couldn’t really go to Japan without bringing Sawa with the excuse that he’d literally go insane if he couldn’t be himself without one other person who knew of his true personality there... Whether he had other real intentions (such as having a target to bully) or something in contrast to that is open to discussion...
★ Additional Information:
Even at his fairest, he’ll have freckles across his face. But he actually really dislikes the fact he is usually covered in them. He may go out of his way to protect his skin from the sun because of this. If it gets bad (being outside during a competition or something) his face, ears, outer arms, upper chest and full back will be covered in freckles.
Mild Asthma.
He has a mild case of asthma but it doesn’t affect that much anymore because of his years of training. However, he is still prone to attacks if he overworks himself. He carries a puffer with him all the time just in case.
His facade.
It takes quite a bit for his nice facade to snap in front of a stranger despite his yandere personality. If it does become stressful, he’ll either be comically sadistic (such as Spartan training with a giant smile on his face) or get away from the situation and to a quieter area to vent out. During these moments, he tends to have a very airy and distant look in his eyes full of emotion he doesn’t know he has. He’s also very ticklish and doesn’t like bodily contact that wasn't initiated by himself.
He has dated girls who confessed to him when he was younger because he was ‘playing the nice guy’ or had something to gain from it. But as he grew up and being exposed to a lot of conversation about dating and stuff (since what else do highschoolers talk about--), he is becoming more curious about it despite not understanding the point of it. However, he is probably more interested in males because they are a lot less annoying than females. Aaron doesn’t share this fact though because he wants to be deemed as a ‘normal, nice guy’ in front of people. He'lleventuallybeaseke*coughcough*
Voice Sample and the way he talks.
Aaron's voice sample (aka seiyuu Toriumi Kosuke). Around strangers, Aaron speaks formal-casually to further exude and confirm his ‘nice’ personality. However, when he is with a friend he becomes blunt and may be sadistically rude. He’s fluent in English and Japanese, and only speaks conversational Gaelic. He’ll never admit he learned all his Japanese through video games and anime though--
He likes to keep a prim and tidy appearance with his necktie usually tucked into his jacket (but he often forgets) with his dress shirt sleeve folded and buttoned up to hide under the jacket. He also tucks in the shirt into his pants unless he is wearing his winter shirt on a hot day to prevent the sun from directly beaming on his skin. Lastly, he wears runners because they are comfy and practical.
★ Relationships:
Sawa Kurusu; best friend from America.
Aaron is in denial, but his best and basically only real friend is Sawa. He is the only person that Aaron doesn’t mind being himself around and ‘doesn’t care if he runs away because of it’ since in Aaron’s mind, Sawa is still just a tool he’s been using since the first time he forced the boy to become his fake friend. Little does he realize though, Sawa is probably the only thing keeping him from actually becoming a full sociopath despite the instability of his mind in regards to his ‘best friend’.
More TBA (hopefully--)~

:iconaaronchplz::iconsaysplz: Let's be friends..! (... Not-)
(( If you're interested in RPing with me just leave a comment or send a note! I can do script and lit and don't mind either, as long as you have a starting point for the plot~ ;3 ))
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